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Patient Derived tumor Xenografts (PDX), a new approach of preclinical oncology.

Some facts about Oncology


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC WHO) 2 390 000 cases of Colon, Bladder, Prostate and Kidney cancer will occur in the World in 2015 and 895 000 people will die of these cancers in the same year.


Incidence and mortality cancer

GLOBOCAN 2012 (IARC) Section of Cancer


Patient Derived tumor Xenografts (PDX)

PDX development is a part of MAGenTA project. UROSPHERE partners with different French Hospitals to obtain patient tumor tissues. We are currently developing PDX models in:

PDX is a new approach of preclinical oncology. PDX model considers the heterogeneity of patient tumors in all its aspects (genetic, histology, molecular…).

PDX models are developed by direct transfer of surgically resected patient tumor tissue into immune-compromised mice. Xenograft tissues can be cryopreserved and thawed for drug evaluation studies.


Patient Derived tumor Xenografts


urosphere and pdx development


+ Clinical anonymized information of patient tumor


+ PDX establishment and characterization