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> 2004 Jun

UROsphere establishes its headquarters at Prologue Biotech

Prologue Biotech, part of the Sicoval, takes also part in company's business development thanks to its expertise and network of partners.

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> 2004 Apr

Choosing a new innovative company after the thesis.

New innovative companies provide recent PhDs with quality jobs. Anyway, such is the conclusion drawn by all the speakers invited by the Association Bernard Gregory during its Business Club on March 30th. Read the article from ABG association.

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> 2004 Feb

UROsphere project is selected by Midi-Pyrénées Incubator (FR)

UROsphere fait parti des projets sélectionnés par l'Incubateur Midi-Pyrénées. Dossier presse incubateur novembre 2005

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> 2002 Jul

SSR240600, a selective neurokinin NK1 receptor antagonist, reduces micturition frequency in anesthetized female guinea-pigs and may be useful as a treatment of human OAB.

Lluel P et al. Aspet-Ray Fuller Symposium, Lower Urinary Tract Disorders, July 6-7, 2002.

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