your partner in preclinical research


Urosphere provides preclinical models and services for translational drug development.

Let Urosphere establish the preclinical proof of concept for your drug candidates.

Created in 2004, Urosphere is a key partner in the execution of preclinical studies in urology, gastroenterology and oncology.Urosphere focuses on the development of original models of human pathologies with high translational value.

Urosphere started out with a strong expertise in all aspects of urology and nephrology. For more than 10 years, Urosphere has developed models recognized for their effectiveness and quality.

Today, with more than 300 therapeutic molecules tested, more than 100 clients and the unique experience we have acquired, we are continuing to take our mission a step further and now expand our activities by incorporating models from the gastro-intestinal and oncological fields. Highly qualified scientists in collaboration with experts from academic research are dedicated to these new axes.