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UROsphere to present scientific results at ICS annual meeting (San Francisco, 29th September – 3rd October 2009)

      The following posters will be presented: - Lluel P, Guerard M, Palea S, Julia-Guilloteau V. Duloxetine counteracts bladder overactivity induced by intravesical acetic acid in anesthetized female guinea-pigs through activation of 5-HT receptors. - Lluel P, Chene G, Dubourdeau M, Vergnolle N, Palea S, Coelho AM. Increase in arachidonic acid metabolites in the urine of female rats with cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis. UROsphere's top managers will be present during the...

UROsphere to present scientific results at AUA annual meeting (USA, 25-30 April 2009)

Following posters will be presented in different sessions: - Deba A, Lluel P, Palea S. Functional evidence of β3-adrenoceptors (β3-AR) in female mouse isolated urinary bladder. - Deba A, Palea S, Parini A, Lluel P. Differential gene expression in bladder hypertrophy following bladder outlet obstruction in mouse. - Lluel P, Guilloteau V, Guerard M, Pietra C, Lovati E, Palea S. Netupitant, a new selective NK1 receptor antagonist, reverses acetic acid-induced bladder overactivity in anesthetized...

UROsphere to present scientific results at EAU annual meeting (Stockholm, Sweden, 17-21 March , 2009)

UROsphere will take part in the European Association of Urology's Annual Meeting and present scientific results on BPH research: Gilles N, Lluel P, Rekik M, Guerard M, Palea S. AdTx1, a new peptidic α1-adrenoceptor antagonist with high affinity and selectivity for human α1A-adrenoceptor subtype: pharmacological characterization. The company's top managers will also present the company's expertise to members of the Medicon Valley biotech cluster (in Sweden and Denmark) in March 2009. To read...

UROsphere and Vectalys selected by the SISMIP for their research programme « Discovery of new targets for prostatic pathologies»

The 3SI program for Innovation in the Health Sector is a call for innovative projects reserved to SMEs located in Midi-Pyrenees Region. This program is also supported by the Regional Board of OSEO (France's national agency for industrial innovation), the Regional Board for Research and Technology (DRRT), the Cancer-Bio-Health cluster and Midi Pyrénées Innovation (MPI). UROsphere and Vectalys (a company specialized in viral vector production and cell transduction expertises for gene discovery...

Urosphere receives a grant from OSEO Innovation.

UROsphere announces that OSEO Innovation has awarded a grant over a 2-year period to expand its experimental research platform for early stage drug development. The funding will be used to develop innovative in vivo and in vitro models to offer a wider range of assays for genitourinary pathologies. OSEO innovation (France's national agency for industrial innovation) funds innovative, technology-oriented projects for commercialization in France and abroad.

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