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Platform, in vivo and in vitro

Our experimental platform consists of both in vivo and in vitro pharmacological assays. We also provide consultancy services to preclinical development of your compounds.

Urosphere has 300m² of offices and laboratories in order to offer customers an optimized organization and a quality level suited to their requirements. We also have 350m² of animal care facilities to ensure business continuity and a high level of quality.

In vitro assays

With more than 10 years of expertise in preclinical testing, Urosphere offers in vitro disease models to support the pharmacological characterization and development of your compounds (potency and efficacy, reversibility of drug action).

Isolated tissues assays

Biomarkers analysis

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of specific biomarkers can be useful for establishing an etiologic mechanism by generating a definitive diagnosis and by predicting a treatment response. We provide enzymatic assays: colorimetry, fluorescent, bioluminescence and immunochemistry assays (EIA and ELISA tests).


Human tissue

Advantages of functional pharmacology assays using human tissue

Tissue supply / Ethics

A highly qualified and dedicated team


In vivo assays

We provide a combination of multiple species, techniques and validated animal models for upper and lower urinary tract pathologies as well as the gastro-intestinal and oncological fields.


Data provides information on the mechanism of action of the compound in physiological or physiopathological conditions, potency, efficacy, onset and duration of action, etc…



In addition to offering contract research services, we also provide consultancy services to accompany the research and preclinical development of your compounds as well as post-launched studies of marketed drugs.

It includes: