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Organocan Organoid

Organocan is a collaborative project led by urosphere+.

This project aims at developing organoids from stem cells isolated in patients' biopsies.


Scientific partners


Organacan scientific partners


Organocan was selected among few projects to be funded by the French Interministerial Consortium with a total budget of 4.1 million euros. The Organocan project aims at developing “mini-organs” or organoids from stem cells isolated in patients’ biopsies. These are 3D structures recapitulating colon, bladder and prostate organs. This project is led by Urosphere in collaboration with the Toulouse University Hospital, an INSERM U1043 team and the Pierre Fabre Laboratories. This tool will implement additional efficiency filter to improve the selection of drug candidates, but also to develop personalized medicine tools (therapeutic and diagnostic tests), as well as to understand the fundamental mechanisms of carcinogenesis and inflammation. This project is a springboard for the diversification of Urosphere activities through Oncology and Gastroenterology.


Business partners

This project is cofinanced by the European Union. Europe is committed in the Midi-Pyrénées with the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund.

 Organocan business partners