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UGGINNOV: UroGenital and Gastrointestinal INNOVation.
"Optimizing the success rate of drug development in urological and digestive diseases".

UGGINNOV is a collaborative project focused on the development of a unique preclinical platform for the testing of new therapies against inflammation and cancer of the bladder, prostate and intestine.

UGGINNOV aims at developing and implementing new preclinical models from “mini-organs” or organoids and Cancer Cell Lines (CCL) to Patient-Derived-Xenograft (PDX) models.

This unique platform will offer to the biotech and pharma industry the opportunity of an optimized screening of biomarkers, new therapies and combinations through a high throughput screening step to selection of drug candidates towards the development of personalized medicine solutions and tools.

It will also support the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of carcinogenesis and inflammation.

Scientific Partners




The strength of the present consortium relies on the expertise and long lasting collaboration of three partners,

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UGGINNOV was selected among few projects to be funded by th French Region Occitanie and the Europeen Union with a total of ∼ 1 million euros.

This project strengthens the diversification of Urosphere activities through Oncology and Gastroenterology.