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1994 Aug >

A further analysis of the contraction induced by activation of cholecystokinin A receptors in guinea pig isolated ileum longitudinal muscle-myenteric plexus.

Corsi M, Palea S, Pietra C, Oliosi B, Gaviraghi G, Sugg E, Van Amsterdam FT, Trist DG.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 270:734-740, 1994

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1994 Jul >

Involvement of neurokinin 1 and 2 receptors in viscerosensitive response to rectal distension in rats.

Julia V, Morteau O, Buéno L.

Gastroenterology. 107:94-102, 1994

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1994 Jun >

Influence of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists in visceromotor and nociceptive responses to rectal distension before and during experimental colitis in rats.

Morteau O, Julia V, Eeckhout C, Bueno L.

Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 8:553-62, 1994

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1994 Apr >

ADP beta-S induces contraction of the human isolated urinary bladder through a purinoceptor subtype different from P2X and P2Y.

Palea S, Corsi M, Pietra C, Artibani W, Calpista A, Gaviraghi G, Trist DG.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 269:193-197, 1994

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1993 Dec >

Evidence for purinergic neurotransmission in human urinary bladder affected by interstitial cystitis.

Palea S, Artibani W, Ostardo E, Trist DG, Pietra C.

J Urol. 150:2007-2012, 1993

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