UROsphere to present scientific results at AUA annual meeting (USA, 25-30 April 2009)

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Following posters will be presented in different sessions:

– Deba A, Lluel P, Palea S. Functional evidence of β3-adrenoceptors (β3-AR) in female mouse isolated urinary bladder.

– Deba A, Palea S, Parini A, Lluel P. Differential gene expression in bladder hypertrophy following bladder outlet obstruction in mouse.

– Lluel P, Guilloteau V, Guerard M, Pietra C, Lovati E, Palea S. Netupitant, a new selective NK1 receptor antagonist, reverses acetic acid-induced bladder overactivity in anesthetized female guinea-pigs.

– Palea S, Gilles N, Guerard M, Lluel P. AdTx1, a new peptidic α1A-adrenoceptor antagonist: in vivo pharmacological characterization.

UROsphere’s top management will be present during the meeting. If you wish to meet them, please

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