your partner in preclinical research

Urosphere acquires Urolead expanding its oncology preclinical offer and creating a unique urogenital platform.

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Let urosphereestablish the preclinical proof of concept for your drug candidates.

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A new era is beginning for UROSPHERE.

We extend our activities to GASTROENTEROLOGY and ONCOLOGY.

UROsphere becomes urosphere+


Your partner in preclinical research

Urosphere is a leading Contract Research Organization specializing in preclinical urogenital, gastro-intestinal and oncological pharmacology assays. We provide the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries with a unique experimental research platform combining both in vivo models and in vitro assays on human and animal tissues.

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Events // News // News & Events // Jun 19 2020

Upcoming AACR Virtual Meeting II

We are pleased to announce that Urosphere will be presenting its unique Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) bank of prostate cancers at AACR Virtual Meeting II.  Poster #1668. ...

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News // May 19 2020

Urosphere acquires Urolead creating a center of excellence in preclinical urology.

Last December, the company has acquired Urolead, a company dedicated to uro-oncology and particularly to the development of Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX) models for kidney, bladder...

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Events // News & Events // Jun 25 2019

Urosphere participe à la 7e édition des AFSSI Connexions les 2/3 juillet 2019 à Lyon

  Urosphere sera présente sur l’espace village AFSSI les 2 et 3 juillet 2019 à Lyon. N'hésitez pas à venir nous voir sur le stand.  

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Events // News & Events // May 17 2019

Urosphere/ Urolead and Institut Curie will present their last results at the AACR...

    Fruit of a long term collaboration, Urosphere and its affiliate Urolead (Toulouse) and Institut Curie (Paris) will present a fully characterized biobank of PDXs from...

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Events // News // News & Events // Mar 07 2019

Urosphere will be present at the European Association of Urology congress 2019.

    Urosphere will present a poster at the EAU congress (from 15 to 19 March 2019). Poster 500:Patard PM et al.,Characterization of bladder organoid cultures...

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Publications // Urology // Sep 03 2020

Characterization and Validation of a Chronic Model of Cyclophosphamide-Induced Interstitial...

Céline Augé, Xavier Gamé, Nathalie Vergnolle, Philippe Lluel and Sophie Chabot

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Oncology // Publications // Jun 09 2020

Development of a near infrared protein nanoprobe targeting Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen...

Mathilde Coustets, Caroline Ladurantie, Elisabeth Bellard, Mélissa Prat, Marie-Pierre Rols, Vincent Ecochard, Gwenaël Ferron, Sophie Chabot, Muriel Golzio, Laurent Paquereau

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Publications // Women’s health // May 12 2020

Estrogen Receptors and Endometriosis

Elodie Chantalat, Marie-Cécile Valera, Charlotte Vaysse, Emmanuelle Noirrit, Mariam Rusidze, Ariane Weyl, Kelig Vergriete, Etienne Buscail, Philippe Lluel, Coralie Fontaine, Jean-François...

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Gastroenterology // Publications // May 12 2020

Characterization of human colon organoids from Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients

Emilie D'Aldebert, Muriel Quaranta, Morgane Sébert, Delphine Bonnet, Sylvain Kirzin, Guillaume Portier, Jean-Pierre Duffas, Sophie Chabot, Philippe Lluel, Sophie Allart,  Audrey Ferrand,...

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Publications // Urology // Oct 31 2017

[Poster] Effects of litoxetine on urethral pressure and detrusor overactivity in anesthetized...

Effects of litoxetine on urethral pressure and detrusor overactivity in anesthetized female rats. Murielle Méen, Marc Guérard, Stefano Palea, Xavier Gamé, Philippe Lluel 32nd Annual...

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