ORGANOCAN : UROsphere collaborative project.

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Colorectal cancers and those of the urological sphere (prostate and bladder) are among the five most common cancers. A chronic inflammatory condition predisposes to the appearance of some of these cancers (colon, prostate). Today, the available experimental models poorly simulate the biological reality and function of the body, which makes it particularly difficult to develop new drugs. The objective of the Organocan 2 project is to develop cell models in 3-dimensional (organoid) of colon, bladder and prostate representing the molecular and cellular complexity of human organs. This tool will implement additional efficiency filter to improve the selection of drug candidates, but also to develop personalized medicine tools (therapeutic and diagnostic tests) and to understand the fundamental mechanisms of carcinogenesis and inflammation. This project is based on the complementarity of four partners: an innovative SME specialized in the field of urology (UROsphere), an Inserm team (Team Dr. N. Vergnolle U1043), a pharmaceutical company (Pierre Fabre) and the Toulouse University Hospital (CHU Toulouse).